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Dr. Alexander Lam

BDS (Adelaide)

BSciDent (1st class honours)
DipClinDent (Conscious Sedation)


Adelaide Sedation Dentistry is the result of the vision and focus of Dr Alexander Lam.


Dr Lam was born in Adelaide and was schooled at St. Peter's College.  He graduated with double degree 1st Class Honours from the University of Adelaide.  Dr Lam has also completed a Postgraduate Specialist Qualification in IV Sedation - he is only one of two dentists in South Australia to possess this qualification. Dr Lam is a proud member of the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Society of Dental Anesthesiology.  He also serves on the Australian Dental Association Recent Graduates Committee.


For some years, Dr Lam has owned and run two successful private dental practices in Adelaide. He is known among his patients as a gentle and compassionate dentist. He has observed the benefits to both patients and dental practices of being able to offer pain-free dental sedation at the practice and with the dental team with which the patient was familiar.


In the past, the usual procedure has been that patients who are anxious or experience dental phobia when undergoing procedures they find unpleasant, are referred to a hospital for a general anaesthetic. 


Today, Dr Lam provides services to dentists and their patients as principal of Adelaide Sedation Dentistry. With his commitment to delivering exceptional quality care, he models excellence in dental care that reflects positively on the dental clinics in which he works.


Alex is a self-confessed sporting tragic who is a member of the Kensington Garden Tennis Club and the Mt Osmond Golf Club.

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